Dr Jeannette van Dyk

I am an Organizational and Industrial Psychologist and registered with the HPCSA and BHF. I am passionate about the dynamics of human behaviour, I enjoy travelling and experiencing different cultures. My career has given me exposure to various areas in the corporate environment in that I have 10 years of organizational psychology experience in various industries. During my PhD research studies, I have focused on employee well-being and coping in a workplace bullying environment. My research results were presented at the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Conference in Spain. Based on these scientific research results I have developed a model to assist individuals and organizations with strategies and techniques to improve individuals’ psychological resilience and help create a work environment for better performance, productivity, and increased psychological well-being.

I offer evidence-based coping strategies for individuals to lower levels of stress and to assist with psychological burnout. Furthermore, I provide narrative career counselling and psychometric assessments to assist individuals to reach their full potential. Also, I assist individuals when they experience feelings of not moving forward in theirs career journeys, experience negative behaviour at work, going through life changes such as returning to work after maternity leave, retrenchment, or retirement. I offer techniques to improve optimism; motivation; increasing self-esteem; emotional intelligence; anger management; facilitation of work/life balance; loss; forgiveness; communication skills, etc. In addition, I assist individuals to discover their personal strengths and develop coping skills that are essential in navigating the challenges of life.

I follow a holistic approach based on the client’s needs and also incorporate the following; self-exploration techniques; narrative career counselling; strength-based counselling; positive psychology; mindfulness techniques; solution focused approach; person-centred approach; and psychometric assessments. My sessions are offered in Afrikaans or English.

I truly believe each person is worthy to feel valued, heard, and understood and to have a fulfilling life that is meaningful and purposeful. It is my hope for you that our work together is about wellness, solutions, and progress. I look forward to working with you on your journey!

You are welcome to contact me.

Herewith an overview of my services:

  • Interpersonal effectiveness strategies

  • Psycho-social flourishing

  • Conflict resolution

  • Mindfulness strategies

  • Career transition; career counselling; coaching

  • Life stage changes

  • Psychometric assessments for career development, coaching and recruitment

  • Report writing and feedback

  • Personal growth; motivation

  • Negative workplace behaviour interventions

  • Anger management

  • Work stress and burnout

  • Employee well-being; grief/loss

  • Work/life balance

  • Improving motivation & job satisfaction

  • Culture change initiatives

  • Leadership development

  • Performance management

  • Increased employee engagement and productivity interventions

  • Resilience development and workplace bullying workshops

  • Organizational diagnosis

  • Culture and employee engagement surveys