career guidance assessments:

Filling the decision-making gaps

What is career counselling?

Career counselling can help individuals with choosing, changing, or leaving a career and is available at any stage in life.

The services of a career counsellor may be helpful when choosing the most suitable career or finding a new career path when your current career causes you to experience frequent dissatisfaction and frustration.

Furthermore, the career counselling process can help individuals to determine their core interests, personality, ability, potential ability and values through psychometric assessments. In addition, a narrative career counselling session provides one with the opportunity of subjective self-exploration to help identify goals and actions that are more meaningful for the individual. A combination of psychometric assessments and narrative career counselling can help guide individuals toward a particular direction or career path that may be more fulfilling and meaningful.

Why is career counselling so important?

Career counselling can assist students and working professionals when they are not sure or confident of their career paths or if they want to explore alternative career paths. The career counselling process can also give more insight into what type of work environment may be more suitable to work in, as well as, the daily activities that will provide job satisfaction. Furthermore, the process can help individuals match their values, interests, and personality to a career that will enable them to grow and develop over time. During career counselling individuals have the opportunity to discover which activities excites them more and what type of work environment will be more likely to promote job satisfaction and motivation. For example, some individuals enjoy collaborative work while others flourish more by working independently.

Being unsatisfied with one’s job can lead to job stress and frustration which consequently can result in anxiety or depression. Research indicates that stress over the long-term can have a negative impact on individuals’ physical and psychological health (Vazi, Ruiter, Van den Borne, Martin, Dumont, & Reddy, 2013). It is therefore important for individuals’ mental and physical wellbeing to choose a fulfilling career.

In summary, career counselling can help you gain more self-awareness and understanding of what motivates you, can highlight which areas you are passionate about, help you understand your career options better and can provide knowledge on how to pursue the outlined career options. The process can also provide you with more insight into your own strengths and weaknesses which can be beneficial for personal growth and development.

The psychologists at Westpsych therapy and assessment centre provide an individualised career counselling approach and apply various assessments to assist individuals to help them explore and determine the most suitable career options. You can contact us via email or phone 061 492 5714 to make your booking or to receive more information about our career counselling package.

Written by Dr. Jeannette van Dyk (Organisational Psychologist)