Shirley Moss

Life Coach, Trainer and Business Mentor

"The decisions you make today become your realities tomorrow… Helping to inspire better decisions through coaching"

I am a highly experienced trainer and facilitator in Business Soft Skills and a personal life coach and business mentor. My passion is the development of people and helping them to realise their full potential.

As a business consultant, over the last 21 years, I have trained and facilitated many lively workshops where I have motivated and inspired individuals for change. Some areas I have covered in training include: Developing Sales Teams, Coaching & Mentoring, Building Emotional Intelligence (EQ); Customer Service, Persuasive Proposal Writing, Service Desk International - level 4. I was also instrumental in equipping groups of young South Africans for the workplace through a Services SETA learnership academy contract where I facilitated learning in all the areas of fundamental business skills.

With a heart for the individual, I gained a 1-2-1 Life Skills Coaching Certificate, and I am a current member of COMENSA as a life coach and mentor.

Shirley Moss - Life Coach

Why we need coaching

So often we need to be able to imagine greater possibilities for our lives and discover how to work towards achieving this. Sometimes we cannot see these new possibilities without gaining a new perspective and we need help to do that. As a life coach and mentor, I can help you to explore answers to vital questions so that you can make the decisions necessary for your success.

My coaching style helps you to:

o See new perspectives and gain new vision for your life or your business.

o Get out of the rut and begin a new journey with confidence.

o Change unhelpful behaviours and learn new habits as you work towards your goals.

o Learn time management skills to fulfil your goals and dreams.

o Build confidence in yourself and your abilities.

o Achieve your goals, needs and desires by helping you to create a set of action plans.

o Learn effective communication for your personal or business success and to how to improve your personal relationships.

o Build your emotional intelligence through awareness and education.

o Reach your potential through accountability, working through obstacles and reframing “failures”.

My coaching process and what makes me different

When coaching I follow a process that is customised to you, as a unique individual, and allows you space to form your own ideas and solutions. This encourages ownership of your own journey towards success as defined by you.

My 21 years’ experience in training of inter-personal skills as well as my involvement in business, gives me the experience and insight to use appropriate and relevant tools, and personal examples to move you forward.

This effective process ensures a relaxed structure which flows at your pace and builds a healthy and professional client-coach relationship which is conducive to achieving outcomes within a reasonable and realistic timeframe.

As a Christian, I view each person as valuable, gifted by God and having a unique and important purpose in life, for the benefit of those around them.