Trudie le Roux

Counselling Psychologist

I am a registered counselling psychologist (HPCSA and BHF) who completed my masters training at University of Kwazulu Natal. I have more than thirty years of professional experience in the field of which eighteen years were focused on supervising, training, developing and moulding intern psychologists into the profession. In my role as a supervisor I was exposed to a variety of therapeutic approaches and related techniques, which has provided me with experience and exposure to both the more traditional approaches as well as more recent developments within the field of psychotherapy.

I have also completed training in a revolutionary technique called Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT). It is designed to assist the patients or clients in eliminating their emotional reactions to negative and unpleasant memories upon which the brain creates new neural pathways and patterns for future use. The results are almost immediate.

I also work from an integrative therapeutic approach, based principally on psychodynamic and existential theory. This means that I seek to understand a person’s perspective in terms of unconscious motives and past experiences. These contribute to the meaning of their present world as well as their unique personality styles. I agree with Yalom’s statement in his book, The Gift of Therapy: “Look out of the others’ window. Try to see the world as your patient sees it.”

In addition, it is important for me to be mindful about my clients’ experiences in the present moment, and to assist clients in the process of meaning-making. As a South African psychologist, I work across all kinds of diversities, including religion, race, gender, disabilities and so forth. I can assist adults, adolescents, individuals, couples and families with the following challenges: anxiety, depression, traumatic experiences, relationship/couples therapy, addictions, bereavement/grief and adult survivors of childhood abuse. I also provide supervision to psychologists.

I strive to create a safe space for my clients in which they will feel comfortable and free to share their challenges in life. As a therapist I am aware of the self-conscious and uncomfortable feelings clients experience when sharing their personal stories and feelings with a stranger. Having said this I want to reassure my clients that my work with them is to understand and see their world through their windows. I treat their information and feelings without judgement but with utmost respect and confidentiality.