Choosing the right subjects

Soon thousands of Grade 9 learners around the country will be choosing the subjects they will take in Grade 10, 11 and 12. It will be the first time many learners and parents will have to give more serious thought to their child’s interests, aptitudes and the possible paths of study and careers they can take after school.

Many degrees require particular marks in particular subjects in order for learners to apply and gain acceptance, so choosing the ‘right’ subjects to take can open or close certain paths of study and career options.

So, how do you decide? Is it based on current marks in the subject? What your child is interested in? What other people might say? Your hopes and dreams for your child? Their hopes and dreams? Or maybe neither of you know where to begin.

What if you could have a clearer understanding of the way in which your child’s natural aptitudes, current academic potential and marks, career interests, personality, and values overlap? Wouldn’t that make it easier to choose the subjects that would best set your child up for study and career within those career fields.

We spend so much of our lives working. So wouldn’t you want your child to do something they love, are good at, and matches their personality and personal values? Making the right study and career choices starts now, and it will affect what happens for the rest of your child’s life. Are they (and you) truly ready to make such a big decision?

Even if your child has already chosen their subjects, and is unsure about what their study and career options are, let us help you! Book your Subject Choice and/ or Career Assessment today. It is never too late to start making better suited and more fulfilling study and career choices.

Let our caring, compassionate, patient and experienced psychologists at Westpsych Therapy and Assessment Centre assist you with a holistic assessment and detailed report.

Written by Ronel Carver (psychologist)