Dr Jeannette van Dyk

Organisational and Industrial Psychologist

I am a qualified Organisational and Industrial Psychologist and registered with the HPCSA and BHF. I initially started my career in the corporate environment whereafter I realised my great passion for assisting and promoting individuals’ emotional wellbeing. After 10 years in the corporate environment, I have made a career change and qualified as a psychologist. For the last ten years I practise as a psychologist and thoroughly enjoy helping individuals and couples with difficulties in their relationships and at work.

In addition, I have completed level 1 and level 2 advanced training on the Gottman Relationship Method for couples counselling.

Furthermore, I am a certified advanced and registered Level 2 practitioner of BWRT and a member of the British Brain Working Research Society. This technique can bring major relief and change in a short space and time.

I assist adolescents, adults and couples. My areas of specialization include the following:

Marriage counselling/couples therapy

Individual counselling

Bereavement and grief counselling

Trauma counselling

Stress and anxiety

Personal growth and development

Anger management

Self-esteem building

Career counselling and psychometric assessments

Career challenges

Emotional intelligence

During my training and internship, I have gained exposure and experience to provide guidance to adolescents, young adults and adults with stress management, anxiety, exam stress, to deal effectively with work performance difficulties, career challenges, career counselling, relationship difficulties, emotional intelligence and self-esteem building. During my PhD research studies, I have focused on employee well-being and coping in a workplace bullying environment. I have developed a model to assist individuals and organizations with strategies and techniques to improve individuals’ psychological resilience. I had the opportunity to present these findings at the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Conference in Spain in 2018. Research indicates that individuals with higher levels of psychological resilience tend to cope better even when their circumstances are not ideal. Therefore, I provide practical tools, skills and techniques to equip clients improve their psychological resilience to manage and deal better with life challenges and difficulties in relationships and at work.

My focus from the start is on the client's desired outcome. I will listen to your concerns so that we can develop goals you would like to work towards together. During couples counselling I will provide practical tools to help create your best relationship, offer guidance to enhance intimacy in your relationship and constructive ways to deal with conflict.

On a personal note, I have been married for 19 years, enjoy family life and nature. Through my personal journey I have had many challenges and now it is easy for me to relate to my clients and have genuine empathy and understanding for what they are going through.

I take a person-centred approach from a Christian context and aim to empower my clients with skills and practical tools to become resilient to deal more effectively with life challenges in relationships and at work.

My sessions are offered in Afrikaans or English, and I have vast experience working across religious and cultural diversity. I follow a holistic and personalised approach based on the client’s needs and challenges.

I also make use of the following methodologies:

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy approach

Positive Psychology

Strength-based counselling

Gottman's relationship counselling approach

Brain working recursive therapy (BWRT)

Self-exploration techniques

Narrative career counselling

Mindfulness techniques

Traumatic incident reduction (TIR)

I hope that our work together is about wellness, solutions, and progress. I incorporate Christian faith into the counselling sessions where it is mutually important. I truly believe each person is worthy of feeling valued, heard, and understood and having a fulfilling, meaningful and purposeful life.

I look forward to working with you on your journey!