Dr Jeannette van Dyk

Organisational and Industrial Psychologist

I am an Organisational and Industrial Psychologist and registered with the HPCSA and BHF. I am passionate about the dynamics of human behaviour. During my PhD research studies, I have focused on employee well-being and coping in a workplace bullying environment. I have developed a model to assist individuals and organizations with strategies and techniques to improve individuals’ psychological resilience and help create a work environment for better performance, productivity, and increased psychological well-being.

I make use of evidence-based strategies and tools to assist individuals to cope better with stress during difficult situations and as a consequence flourish more. Furthermore, I provide narrative career counselling and psychometric assessments to assist individuals to live a life of meaning and finding fulfilment in their careers. Additionally, I assist individuals when they feel stuck in their career journeys, experience negative behaviour at work, going through life changes such as returning to work after maternity leave, retrenchment, or retirement.

I offer techniques to improve optimism; motivation; increasing confidence; emotional intelligence; anger management; stress/anxiety; facilitation of work/life balance; grief; trauma; communication skills, procrastination, self-doubt, fear of failure etc. Moreover, I assist individuals to discover their personal strengths and develop coping skills that are essential in navigating the challenges of life and work.

I enjoy working with adults, and couples. I follow a holistic approach based on the client’s needs and also incorporate the following: Brain working recursive therapy (BWRT); the Gottman model for couples counselling; traumatic incident reduction therapy (TIR); self-exploration techniques; narrative career counselling; strength-based counselling; positive psychology; mindfulness techniques; solution-focused approach; person-centred approach; and psychometric assessments. My sessions are offered in Afrikaans or English, and I have vast experience working across religious and cultural diversity.

As a Christian, I truly believe each person is worthy to feel valued, heard, and understood and to have a fulfilling life that is meaningful and purposeful. It is my hope for you that our work together is about wellness, solutions, and progress. I look forward to working with you on your journey!