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No need to panic when your intimate relationship moves out of the fuzzy infatuation stage and unnerving differences set in. Counselling psychologist Dr Ingrid Artus explains how identifying and successfully moving through love’s 5 stages can carry a couple to lasting and mature love. She discusses developing a growth mindset, 4 attachment styles, and causes of conflict. 

Podcast: - HOw to navigate the natural stages of your love relationship

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Ronel speaks about 

"How to listen well and with empathy"

Ronel speaks about: 

"What is a trigger and what to do when you are triggered"

Can childhood trauma cause infidelity? Which patterns are involved in the unravelling of a love relationship? Counselling psychologist Dr. Ingrid Artus clarifies what happens emotionally and physiologically, the effect of betrayal, dealing with trauma, and affairs as a possible form of addiction. She offers the antidotes to criticism, defensiveness, contempt and stonewalling

Podcast: affairs - Why they happen and how they can be addressed

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Coping with matric results

Interview with Peter Ndoro

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