When to have your child assessed by a psychologist

Many people are still anxious about reaching out to a psychologist when they are struggling, in spite of the gradual lessening of social stigma associated with accessing mental healthcare services over the last few decades. The same often applies when parents and caregivers consider contacting a psychologist regarding worrying behaviour from their children. Many parents are often unsure about the process, what it will mean for them and their child, and what necessitates having a psychological assessment done.

Consider having your child assessed when:

  • there is a sudden change in their mood, interests in activities, behaviour, eating and sleeping patterns

  • there is a decline in their school marks or they no longer want to study for tests, do their homework or go to school

  • their school/ teacher complains about their attention/ concentration, behaviour, competency level for their age, and/or social interactions with their peers and teachers

  • you are unsure about their current cognitive potential relative to their academic performance

  • you experience great difficulty in managing their behaviour at home

  • they have experienced a significant loss, move or trauma and they do no appear to be coping well.

Having your child assessed by a caring, compassionate, patient and well qualified psychologist can make the world of difference to your family and your child. We are able to conduct a holistic assessment that takes you and your child’s unique history and context into consideration before diagnosing the issue at hand and making concrete recommendations. The sooner issues are acknowledged and addressed, the sooner we can make them better. You and your child deserve quality mental health care services. We would be happy to hold your hand every step of the way.

Written by Robel Carver (Psychologist)