Dr Jeannette was simply a life saver and amazing.

I had received counselling previously and was not comfortable and therefore always avoided further counselling thereafter.

However, it got to a stage where it was necessary and fortunately - and with God's Grace - I was referred to Dr Jeannette.

What an entirely different experience. I found myself opening up easily, feeling totally comfortable in the way she asked questions and found her guidance and support to help me immensely. In fact, I am coping with life much better now and each time I feel myself falling back to where I was before, I use the coping mechanisms which she taught me.

Highly recommended. Simply the best

Thank you Dr Jeannette. I am a better and stronger person for meeting you. 

Sonia B.

"Dr. Ingrid listens attentively and has a great approach to attend to the issues experienced. My experience has been great and very helpful with excellent results."

Naómi H.

"I have found my experience at Westpsych to have been one of concern and care from the front desk through to that exercised by their excellent, qualified, staff of doctors. A genuine interest is taken in clients and their well-being & I cannot recommend this practice highly enough. One's troubles are not only explained and shared, but minimised through the good practices recommended."

Lorrainne D.

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You, ladies, are awesome!!!"

Suleila P.

"Dr Ingrid Artus creates a safe environment for one to open up about themselves, She also shares a lot of technical workings of the brain that assist with understanding of why one reacts the way they react on a daily basis. My wife and I are very grateful to the peace she has brought onto our lives."

Mlungisi S.

"Vicky Talbot does a fantastic job of creating a safe and comfortable space to share and work through things. She's friendly, kind, understanding and listens intently.

I can highly recommend her."

Antonie VT.

"Such an incubus of knowledge and a professional lady! Ingrid is Up to date with the most current needs of her patients with sage advice!"

Vanessa B.

Shirley has been incredible in helping and guiding me through some challenging and difficult times. She has been pivotal in my personal growth. Her kind demeanour makes her easy to engage with and I have found great value in our sessions together. She is insightful and I have gained a tremendous amount of skills through her coaching. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance and coaching.
Larraine H.

Dr Ingrid’s skills in BWRT is amazing. What a professional approach, analysis and effective therapy !! Highly recommend!!

Rudi D.

"WOW!!!!! what an amazing group of Ladies, always willing to accommodate my kids and taking into consideration for mommy that travels to much.

Children love the psychologists, it's like home away from home.

Absolutely the best!!!!"

Natalie van R.

"Dr Artus has helped me immensely throughout the years. Her space is calm, serene and welcoming."

Courtney D.

"I am very grateful for Shirley Moss a Life Coach with Westpsych, who is helping me through a difficult time. Since my husband got sick and suffered severe amnesia, it has been very hard to deal with the loss and I started feeling very depressed. Shirley is helping me to come to grips with my situation and to deal with my extremely brittle emotions by helping me to identify them and helping me to "stand up" again and face life with more confidence. So far I am finding the life coaching very insightful and meaningful for every area of my life. Shirley is a good listener and she shows me a better perspective on my situation. She also makes me feel comfortable and it is very easy to confide in her, because she really cares about her clients. I can truly refer her to any person who is struggling with emotional backage and who needs a caring person who also has the skills to really help you out of the "pit". I am looking forward to each session and can already feel the shift in my mood and in my whole demeanour."

Joy G.

"Dr Artus is professional. She puts perspective on your situations where confusion reigned. Re-directs you if necessary. Councils one with insight and the depth suited to each individualank"

Anne H.

My wife and I had 4 session with Dr. Jeannette, all I can say is WOW!!

The tools she gave us were very effective and efficient, to date they now part of our lifestyle. We able to communicate effectively and understand each other. I'm lately looking forward to be home with my family. 

Promise M.

"Dr. Artus is professional and compassionate. I've been a client of hers for the past 6 years. I highly recommend her."

Mapalo M.

"Dr Ingrid Artus is highly skilled and is always bringing new techniques to her practice. She is professional and efficient. I would recommend her, as she does not need an infinite amount of sessions to achieve results.

She is compassionate yet firm and requires you to work hard but results are evident."

Siobhan R.

"Shirley Moss has been an absolute blessing as a Life Coach. I am excited to attend each session and really look forward to progressing under her gentle guidance."

Melissa T,

"Friendly, helpful and fantastic doctors. This practice has a warm and kind feeling to it. Very professional as well. I would recommend this practice to all."

Willem C.

"Beautiful people that are passionate about helping you help yourself. The coaches and therapists make you feel seen and create a non judgemental safe space for you to share and help you to grow. Thank you Wesrpsych."

Bee W.

"Loving and caring team of professionals. ❤️"

Anushka L.

"Greatly helpful and has assisted me immensely.... highly appreciative and would recommend."

Neil K.

"Ill give it a 10/10. Dr Ingrid has literally transformed my thinking and handling myself. To love myself more and be kinder to me. Their service is great too"

Nompumeleo N.

"Dr. Ingrid is incredible! Would highly recommend to anyone."

Joshua G.

"The most kind hearted person who took my child like her own. Thank you Ronel".


"So wise and excellent advice. Professional and kind."

Rose F.