Life Coaching - Nurturing the seeds of success

Life-coaching – A little story about helping you to flourish!

The humble wheelbarrow – what simple but amazing invention. I really appreciated its value as I wheeled the umpteenth load of garden soil from the huge heap sitting on our front lawn to our vegetable garden in the backyard.

My dream is a healthy, self-sufficient veggie patch filled with produce and the new, nutritious soil is intended to revitalise our spindly crop of struggling vegetables in our dry and rocky garden. Weeds flourish of course, but if I try to plant some spinach seeds it turns into a battle between life and death, as the tiny seedlings strive to survive amongst the rocks. Without this added nutrient-rich soil, I have found that our garden produces, at best, a few straggled leaves which we harvest frugally so as not to put strain on the poor plant and, at worst, we land up farming rocks!

As I was thinking about this, I realised there is a parallel between this picture of a handy wheelbarrow filled with good soil to nourish plants and a helpful session with a life-coach. In life we can go through very rocky and hard times, and we may feel the need for that wheelbarrow full of nourishment or just a listening ear to help us get a healthy perspective and the motivation to keep going. Even strong healthy plants need good soil, nurturing, doses of organic compost and even some pruning for long term health. Sometimes we need help to identify the ‘weeds’ in our lives that are hampering our growth. So, in our struggles and successes of life, it is helpful to air and share our ideas and perspectives with an experienced coach who has that neutral approach and our best interests at heart. As a life-coach, my biggest skills need to be listening to you and challenging you to dig deeper for some new insights that will encourage you to flourish in life, reach your full potential and produce the fruit of success.

I would love help you to flourish in every area!

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